MAIC offers three fresh, primarily vegetarian, meals per day, with meat optional on the side. Whether you prefer fish or broccoli (or both!)  MAIC’s Bahamian chef offers a diverse menu highlighting the local, seasonal foods of Andros Island. We offer refrigeration and deep-freeze options for any guests who catch a fish or require refrigeration for medication.


Forget about continental breakfast!

Very local eggs, greens, and cereals  are a few of your options to start an action-packed day. French press your coffee,  juice your own  fruits, or put breakfast on hold while you doze through the cool morning hours.

The seasonal menu is dependent on preferences of MAIC guests. Specify dietary requirements and foods you love, for meals tailored to your tastes!

Daily Breakfast

Lunch is usually buffet style sandwiches, at the leisure of our guests, who gather in the Old School to eat. Special dishes may include hummus, gazpacho, or chilled rice noodle pasta salad. For a day spent on the water or abroad on a day trip,  a lunch is provided.


Cook the dinner of your choice over an open fire. Eat in the light of the setting sun, on the beach. We suggest wild boar and roasted cassava, with benne cake and seasonal fruits.

Beach Cookout Dinner

After a day in the ocean, all a person wants is a hearty dinner. Each family-style meal offers a complete protein, veggie, and carbohydrate, for a good night’s sleep and energy when you need it.

Evening Dinner

Should you care to go out to eat, MAIC staff can suggest delicious options and provide transportation to the local seafood restaurant of your choice.

A Night on the Town

The only thing more gratifying than catching a fish is eating it. MAIC’s traditional Bahamian chef can advise how to prepare each seafood delicacy, as well as complimentary side dishes and corresponding wines.

You Catch ‘Em, We Grill ‘Em!

For more information about menu options and our commitment to high quality foods, drop us a line!

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