The University of Florida (right) offers an inter-disciplinary studio art class. These annual visits earn each student three Studio Art credits. Non-students may attend as an “off-book course.” Two weeks in May.

Educators and students are an integral part of MAIC’s vision.  Fields as diverse as creative writing and geology come alive when students are immersed in a dynamic, exotic environment. We offer special packages for educators: for every eight students attending MAIC, a group leader attends free.  Below are some of our most popular field studies:


International Journalism

University of Florida  professor John Kaplan encouraged his journalism students to immerse themselves in the life of one small Andros town, Red Bays, for one week. Their excellent website can be accessed HERE. Not available to non-UF students.

One Week, October 2007


Andros Island has long been known as a carbonate geologist’s playground! Fossilized reefs and oolitic sands offer more than just good photos, as Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor Steve discovered in June of 2007.

One week, Geology class



University of Michigan sculpture professor Dan Price visits MAIC every year. In May 2007, his semester– long woodcarving class finished with a two-week studio session on Andros, exploring the excellent local mahogany.

Two weeks,  Spring Semester Intensive

Marine Biology

The advanced placement high school biology class of Woodstock, IL  has been visiting MAIC as long as MAIC has existed! Under the leadership of Bill Danato, students  study water chemistry and interpretive biology with local naturalists.

One week,  Annually in March

Your Class Here!

If you are an educator, we would love to hear from you. MAIC facilitates field studies for any educational program! We have 35 years of history serving educators. From air travel to teaching aides to island experience, MAIC understands the needs of group leaders and their students.  Call Dr. Ben Bohl, executive director of International Field Studies to plan your trip:  614. 353.7260

Educational Groups

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Introduction to Bahamian Art

Fountain Valley School (Colorado) Joined MAIC in March 2009 to learn about traditional Bahamian arts. In a week, they experimented with batik textile art, met Henry Wallace and learned how to woodcarve, and even wove baskets under the watchful eye of Annie Colebrook. Whew! If that weren’t enough, they also had plenty of time for plein air painting and even took photos!