You are invited to pursue all of these adventures as part of your inclusive MAIC explorations!

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Blue Holes

Imagine a round lake of fresh water, hundreds of feet deep, that fluctuates with the tides and contains tunnels that lead to the ocean: a blue hole. There are many blue holes on Andros, and the local people regard them as mystic places.

Blue holes are a delicate, beautiful, and rare phenomenon.  Here on Andros, we have the highest concentration of blue holes in the world! Some are developed as national parks, while others are hidden in the bush, and require a knowledgeable guide to even find the path.

Blue holes were formed as dry caves in the pliesticine age, when sea water was trapped in the polar ice caps. As the sea level rose over millions of years, the holes became filled with water and became the beautiful lakes we enjoy today as swimming holes.

Morgan’s Bluff

At 65’ above the sea, Morgan’s Bluff is the highest and most northern point on Andros Island. Spectacular views  are one of the reason that these cliffs were used by the famed pirate, Henry Morgan. It is said that a  treasure of “pieces of eight” is hidden somewhere in the many caves that riddle the bluff.

Red Bays

Settled by Seminole Indians, the town of Red Bays was almost inaccessible until the 1980’s, when paved roads made their way to a sub-culture with a unique dialect and artistic voice. Browse Red Bays’ main export: sustainably harvested sponges.  See the unique palm weavings and hear elders’ stories of subsistence life on the Caribbean side of Andros.


Take a day to paddle the Cays in a sit-atop kayak.  Motorized skiffs are, of course, faster than paddle power, but in a kayak you will see much more marine life, and enjoy the natural soft sounds of the Ocean.


Sit-in Kayak Certification Course:

 1 or 2 week course with day trips and overnights. Get an official sit-in kayak certification from a licensed instructor See price list for details.

Fresh Creek

One of the many deep water estuaries that give large vessels access to Andros, Fresh Creek still retains the stone lighthouse used since the late eighteen hundreds and colonial era cannons recovered from shipwrecks. Visit the Lighthouse Club Marina, a hotspot of prohibition days, crack a coconut on the fine beaches, and take in the many vessels docked at the marina.

Botany Hike

Andros has the widest plant diversity of any island in the Bahamas. See it for yourself on the 3/4 mile hike to  Rainbow Blue Hole, where over thirty species are identified, from  bush medicines to natural tattoo pigments.

Androsia Batik

Androsia Batik is certainly the most colorful place on the island! Tour the factory where a rainbow of cotton prints are carefully wax stamped and dyed, then sewn into a variety of island fashions.  See the whole process from start to finish, all housed in the employee barracks of an old hotel. For a fee, guests are invited into the studio to create their own batik! Or just visit the gift shop for a memento, including the ever-popular Androsia bikini!

Bush Exploration

Discover the Bahamas that tourism forgot. Here, wild boar forage and green iguana sun themselves, in the afternoon still of the Bush. Join an experienced Bahamian Bush guide for a estuary trek through unmapped wilderness, and along the way learn how to live off the land. One night to one week, at the preference of the guests.

Cay Overnight

For the ultimate camp experience, take an evening to camp out on the beach of an isolated Cay. Guests are motored out to a small, isolated island to cook over a fire and  camp under the stars. The following morning, your guide returns you to civilization.



Not all of Andros’ caves became blue holes. The north end of the island offers fun underground exploration suitable for any able-bodied child or adult.

MAIC Adventure!

Wild Boar Hunting

For those in search of even more, hire a Bahamian guide for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime! Potcake dogs lead the way as  the chase treks through the bush and to the prey. The invasive wild boar is an exciting hunt and a delicious dinner, pit-roasted for ultimate flavor.

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