Did you know there are 120 species of plants found only in the Bahamas?

Do you know what goniolithon is?

Would you help document a coral reef?

Curious? MAIC offers lectures and learning options as part of your inclusive week.


Schedule as many as you like:

~Bahamas Geology & Blue Holes

~Invertebrates (on right)

~History & Culture of the Bahamas

~Fish Identification

~Plant Communities

~Alternative Energy: Andros

~Coral Identification

~Coral Health

~Reef Watch

             Help document the health of Andros’ coral reef by                                   observing fish and other marine life.

~ Sand Laboratory

~Goniolithon Extravaganza (Right)

~ Imagine Atlantis

~Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle

~ The Story of Archie Forfar


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