If you are an artist seeking retreat from the daily grind; if you want inspiration from the natural world; consider a residency at MAIC. In addition to the classic inclusive eco-vacation packages, the artist enjoys full access to wood, metal, or fiber studios, creative assistance from our experienced staff, and one-on-one exchange with master craftspeople in various fields. The artist may attend MAIC as an individual, or in groups of up to ten.

If you are intrigued, let us know! Send MAIC a digital sample of your work or your concepts, and MAIC will network with similar artists to coordinate week or month long residencies.†

Click here for the Residency Application.

Some of the Artists who Support MAIC:


George Ferrandi and her Jelly Fish Creation


Lumin Wakoa

Above Right: All Roads Lead to Mullet, watercolor

Below: Conch Self-Portrait, woodcut


Artist Residencies

Left:† Textile Queen Cal at Androsia Batik

Below Left: The creative process, under full sail

Below Right: Calís answer to Beach Beauty!

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