Pete Davidson

Founder and director.

 Pete’s knowledge of biology and passion for sculpture truly inspire. With sixteen years of experience on Andros,  Pete has the knowledge to guide all MAIC patrons to the essence of the Bahamas, be it by land or by sea.

A quote from Pete: 

“The simplicity of Andros and the Old School make it  a sacred place to be shared.”

Elizabeth Farrell


Elizabeth brings to MAIC her experience with Permacultural installations and an understanding of the alternative energy sources and technical applications that keep MAIC connected to the outside world., or at least aware of its existence...

Henry Wallace

Master Woodcarver

Henry has been carving mahogany for over 35 years. His beliefs in a natural life are rooted in his Rastafarian practice and flower in his sustainable artistic expression. He has most notably showed at the Smithsonian, among many other venues such as the University of Florida and George Mason University.

MAIC is honored to work with such a gifted artist,  who even camps out with MAIC groups!

Annie Colebrook

Master Plant Textile Artist

Annie teaches Icepick method basketry to MAIC guests. She is a great storyteller and a kind woman.  Ask Annie about bush medicine or child-rearing on Andros, and learn about island life.


Ricardo Riley


Expert  mechanic, brilliant fisherman, knowledgeable guide, and most patient of men, Ricardo teaches MAIC staff and guests every day.


Henderson Newton

Woodcarver, Farmer, Supporter

Henderson left his career as a chef in Freeport behind to come home to Andros. An architectural sculptor, creative spirit, and meticulous gardener, he brings many old time skills to life.  Without Henderson, things just wouldn’t be the same at MAIC!

Randal Riley


Randal is the newest employee at MAIC. He just turned nine and is working all summer to earn an electric scooter. Randal helps out in all sorts of ways, and is well known for welcoming other kids to MAIC. 




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