Andros Island is unique in its strong remaining ties to a rural ocean-based life.  In this spirit, visitors and staff celebrate the richness of maritime life without unnecessary environmental impacts. 

MAIC is a natural product. Immersion into the natural world means encountering sun, wind, coral reefs, forests. Synthetic environs will never rival the intensity of real life! Keep in mind that holistic inspiration can mean lightning storms and insects as well as ocean views and day trips.

The Old School, which serves as a gathering point of MAIC, has been off grid since its beginning in 1935. In this spirit, all the energy generated on site is green: passive solar heating for rain water showers, photovoltaic and wind for electricity, and biofuels for transport (when available).

For a full tour of green amenities, please follow the “Grounds” link.


MAIC is committed to a low-impact lifestyle. We strive to find more and better ways of living with, not simply on, Earth.


Ecological Awareness

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