q Passport/notarized birth certificate

q Original notarized medical form


q 2 beach towels

q 2 bath towels

q 1 washcloth

q Sleeping bag

q Pillow


q 4 pair of shorts

q 1 pair of long, lightweight pants

q 10 t-shirts

q 1 lightweight, long-sleeved t-shirt

q 1 sweatshirt

q 10 pair underwear

q Socks

q 2 swim suits

q Tennis shoes, sandals, water shoes

q Lightweight wind breaker and


q Hat or visor

q 2 medium-size plastic bags for wet,

dirty clothes

Personal Items:

q Sunglasses

q Toothbrush and toothpaste

q Soap, shampoo, and deodorant

q Hairbrush/comb

q Waterproof sunscreen

q Chapstick

q After sun lotion

q Insect repellent

q Dramamine, Bonine, Marizine, or

Emetrol for seasickness



q Flashlight and new batteries

q Cash in small denominations

q Water bottle

q Dirty clothes bag

q Camera and film

q Underwater camera

q Snorkel gear: mask, fins, snorkel

q Mesh bag for snorkel gear

q Notebook and pens/pencils

q Large ziploc for collecting

SCUBA gear (certified divers only):

q Certification cart and logbook

q Completed, signed liability release


q Mask, fins, snorkel

q Regulator, octopus

q Buoyancy compensator with power


q Alternate air source

q Depth and submersible pressure


q Optional: whistle, compass, 3mm

shortie (esp. Nov-May), light, slate


q Adjust gear according to the season

q Warm socks

q Jeans and/or sweat suit

q Warm jacket

q 3mm or warmer shortie wetsuit

Maritime Arts and Inspiration Center

Packing list for a one-week stay