From canoes to schooners, from cruisers to bmx, MAIC always appreciates more fuel-free ways to get around! 

Our sister institution, Forfar Field Station, desperately needs a new roof for the classroom.  We especially appreciate environmentally sensitive materials.

Because MAIC functions as a non-profit (see “nonprofit” link) we often do not have the budget to purchase every potentially useful item. We do, of course, gratefully accept donations, which are tax deductible.

We also love to trade. Andros is a great place to barter, and we offer inclusive MAIC vacation package credit. If you care to offer goods or services in trade, please contact us.

Direct current motors are great at MAIC because we can run them on batteries that store the green energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines.

DC Motors

Roofing Supplies

Woodcarving tools are always in demand. We can also use sketchpads, silkscreening supplies, sculpture tools, etc.

If there’s something you think we could use, let us know! We  especially love alternative energy gadgets.

As every back-to-the-land-er knows, a workshop can never have enough tools. Especially appreciated: power tools, metal shop components, welders, and hand tools.

Art Supplies


Your Idea Here!

These boats were donated. Thanks!

(The rainbow was pro bono, too!)

Boats and Bikes

Wish List

Suggested Trade or Donation

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